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Rohith Ravi



Hi, I am Rohith. Hailing from God's own country, Kerala, I was working as an Engineer with one of the leading IT giants. I like to call myself an "accidental businessman". I was an ardent traveler and thus the photographic genre was mainly travel and street. But covering one of my friends wedding made me curious about the unexplored field. Then came the turning point , my own wedding! :) My wedding was covered by one of the pioneers in Candid Photography and now my mentor , Phalgun Polepalli of Cuspconcepts. A year later , I covered my friends wedding in Delhi and it was followed by an 8 wedding streak at North India. 

I believe what clients love the most about my pictures is how I capture each story unique to each wedding and present it in the most beautiful way. As you could see , the concept here is to capture and preserve those eternal memories.

There are two main factors that I love about my new career. One is how I was able to produce something valuable to people. The ecstatic calls that customers give when they receive the pictures is what gives me the high. The next point was how creative and independent my life had become. Learning newer skills and travelling to newer destinations , capturing the WOW moments , Running my own business. building the core team and working towards better CSI each day , And I believe the best is yet to come.

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