A couple like Sandeep and Asvinder is all you need to fall in love with photography all over again. 

Guy from Kerala, settled in UK and Girl from Punjab settled in Malaysia . it was destiny that they fell in love


First thing I noticed during my client call with Sandeep was how precise and organized he is about each and every minute detail..Ash and Sandeep had spent months researching planning and organising this event and this showed in every aspect of the wedding, By the time the D-Day arrived, we had a crystal clear idea about the schedule, expectations , who were the key guests etc. One thing they have in common is the smile they have . Ash smiles non stop and it's a photographer's delight. 


So let's get started with Story of their day. Gosh!This blog is gonna be Looong ! . Each section of this shoot , the makeup , wedding , reception , outdoor , all can be made into a separate blog :) Culling the required ones was the toughest task.


The wedding coverage started with me and Anand at Anez Ansare's makeup studio capturing the bridal makeup. This place is so awesome for bridal portraits and Anez finishes his job so fast and perfect that we will be left with ample time for portraits. Anez has setup this nice space with props  so that we get good background and loads of natural light. For the initial shots, I used a bit of off camera flash with magmods.

Then came a sweet letter from her friend..

 Ash was all excited to get into her gown.

I tried something not so often used for this shot . All thanks to magmods , I am super happy about this pic

 Isn't she looking gorgeous????

How can we miss the shot with her proud parents

Now another story was happening at Sandeep's side.

Super talented Arjun was handling Sandeep's portraits and just have a look at the pics.

Proud of you buddy!

Everyone arrived at the church and made a grand entrance

Ceremony started and the priest unlike the usual ones, gave us ample space to move and thus we got beautiful angles to cover the wedding.

Congratulations Sandeep and Ash ! 

" What???? I was on call for a minute and this happened??" ;)

The event planers was Maritus Wedding company and they did a great job with the reception venue. 

The entrance was a treat to the eyes with dhol , fireworks and dancers all around. The reception event was full on entertainment.

We had a quick portrait session by the end of events

They were in a world of their own during the pre-wedding  shoot and I was getting such super romantic moments captured. They were least bothered about the cameras clicking , people around. it was just the beach , wind and two people in love.

Thank you for choosing us Sandeep and Ash! It was a pleasure working with both of you.

Hope you liked our work. Have  rocking life ahead.!