Welcome to my World!

welcome to my world of creativity.

It took me a lot of time to actually come up with this alive and kicking platform .

The website till now was a static one and I am shifting the main focus here. So I promise a lot of wonderful work and lot of happiness captured to be portrayed here.

I love my job. Weddings are a welcome mix of many if not all genres in Photography.

You need the eye of a travel or street photographer to get those precise moments in the right composition. The agility and steady hands of a sports photographers when most of the audience are still in the inception mode. You are more of a landscape guy during the environmental portraits. Then suddenly you are a fashion or even a fine art photographer capturing the brides most beautiful portraits and those ring shots bring out the commercial photog in you.

When I am out there. the main focus is to get that wonderful story, capture it in the most creative way and present it in the most pleasing way. I just love how happy my clients are when they see the memories captured.

The facebook followers for my page I have till now is all organic and I've never really marketed my work the way it should. It's all referrals and love that kept me going and I am about to click the 150th wedding.

This site and the new blog is a humble effort to stay connected and to show more stories more often.

Nothing is possible without my super awesome team. The front end and back end teams are working in sync to produce those awesomeness you see on screen. Thanks to my supporters , clients and family.

The best is yet to come.

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