Renuka and Valli

When I spoke to Renu for the first time, I immediately realized it is on of the right clients who wants YOUR vision into pics . I was super excited as she had gone through my portfolio and said to me all those minute things that even I didn't notice :) The experience will be super rewarding in such assignments and I plunged right into it. We had multiple calls to discuss the details and I was aware of each event/ritual that will happen on the D day. Valli is a focused personality and everything he does to say will be precise and perfect. I hope Renuka can bring some imbalance to it ;)

We started from Cochin to coimbatore soon after another assignment. Sabul was my second shooter for this assignment and we got ready early morning for the shoot. Renuka looked super gorgeous yet was a bit tensed for the day. All she had to do was to look at a mirror and wait for some one to summon her

We reached the venue and saw Valli all excited about the day.

Jab they met

It was time for wedding and then it happened . The aravind swamy lookalike priest took the couple to temple and all the relatives surrounded the couple leaving no space for photogs to capture anything. I was safe because I had a second shooter so that I could goto the creative angles and document that moment. A kid was constantly bringing his cell phone into the scene and eventually it rested in my pocket for sometime with his mom giving me weird looks ;)

There are clients who just invest some amount and leave rest to us, And then there are clients who want their pictures to be perfect, and theyll do everything possible from their side. Renuka and Valli came to God's own country and we had a shoot at Aleppey/fortcochin.

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