Elza & Eby : Love in Monochrome

I get an enquiry call , and after the beautiful conversation that followed , I save the contact as "Toby.Elza Good client" . Elza is such a sweetheart . full of "Karuna" ( you'll know why in the pics ;) ) and Eby is spot on when he says "She's quite a catch" .

Eby is the Mr.perfect she was waiting for. In her own words , he makes her feel so precious as a wife and so happy as a woman..It came as a surprise to me that it's an arranged marriage. They are so well made for each other and it was a delight to capture these memories.. I've kept the whole blog to black and white .

This blog is gonna be a looong one, with some amazing pics :) We covered the Engagement-Wedding and one of the best outdoor shoot till date.

We captured this assignment primarily from Elza's side. On this side of the planet , it's still not routine to have a single photographer/team for the event. So there was another team to capture from Eby's side.

Thus we have no picture of Groom getting ready , but we made up for it by some uber cool shots at the venue and outdoor ;)

Elza's family is into the printing Industry . And there is a small army of brothers-Uncles-Cousins ( Scene Aniyathupravu ) . Usually they together should mess up the whole planning but things went super smooth and as per schedule . And I am especially happy because we were given more than usual time to get her beautiful portraits done. Her Engagement portraits were done by Anand and this remain as one of his best works . Way to go buddy.

Magmod flash modifiers are gaining immense popularity here in India. We've been using them for quite sometime and results are amazing.

Shoot proceeded to pre-engagement prayer.

okay Elza, your prayers were heard :)

Like most other couple today, Elsa and Eby had a strict "no posing / only candids " condition . I know you do not have any complaints Elsamma ;)

Anil was there for the "traditional" pictures and if these are "traditional" , we need more of it!

BTW this is the best of pose we got from Elza ;) And these pictures look amaaazing in print.

It was time to leave for the Engagement , all on time , all the pictures taken , all happy

We reached the Venue and Eby arrived in style!

a few pictures from the Engagement

So it was my turn to join the party .

Wedding day started with her makeup shoot.

Elza was sooper happy and excited . Me and dhanish tried to get a few of her interview bytes during makeup. She ended up interviewing us ! Infact Appunni , the highlight video guy , did a vanishing act for 5 mins unable to answer all the questions. :P

Below is something i tried after attending the Two-Mann ( yes THE TWOMANN ) studios workshop.

We got the group shots done at outside natural light and pictures came too easy.

Did I mention they got married on X'mas? The church was all decorated for X'mas , we even had guys in santa claus outfit distributing samosa and cake :)

The bridesmaids took more time than the bride to get ready ;) Is it becoming a trend these days.

Eby arrived and lets jump into the core ceremony

The moment arrived and they were declared husband and wife

Don't they just look amazing together !

So Elza is known among her family and friends for the unlimited "Karuna" she has to the world.

They wouldn't miss an opportunity to mock her with it

We got out the couple for some portraits and there was around a dozen photographers and video guys.

We managed to get some good shots though.

Those who haven't seen the outdoor shoot in our page , do go through the slidieshow below. It's one of the best outdoor sessions till date.

This is one of the best assignments till date and it's all because of the instantly lovable couple we got to capture. You guys make an awesome pair Elza and Eby , stay amazing !

Below is the laast page of their album :) Hope the album stays as a document of these wonderful memories.

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