Anisha & Chirag : You and Me , married by the Sea

An extraordinary wedding , on which the destination was decided by the couple , wedding date was fixed to avoid the "dry day" , and the muhurat was decided by the photographer to get the sunset ;)

For me it is always good clients referring to more good clients. So you do a good work , they call you again for another wedding in their own family or that of their friends. My Delhi connection started even before I thought of changing my IT profession to a hardcore candid wedding photography. So Anuj, with whom I did my training in TCS , invited me for his wedding, but I clicked some pictures and that led to a string of weddings in Delhi .

The one to follow was Shruti and Saurabh's wedding , Shruti being Anuj's wife Neha's college-mate. Then Shruti's sister Kriti got married ... I know its getting a bit long and confusing , to keep the story short, I clicked this very silent girl during Kriti's wedding . And after a few years, she got married by the Sea at Goa.

Anisha is 100% from Delhi ;) but then you talk to her , you expect the "Delhiness" to arrive anytime , all you see is a not-at-all-delhi-you-must-be-from-south kindof girl ;) I haven't seen anyone so softspoken and Chirag is damn lucky I thought. But then Chirag arrives , you immediately remember the maths classes. if a equals b , b equals c , then definitely a equals c logics start applying. Chirag is totally clear , planned and straightforward about everything . We were in car going for the outdoor shoot , and a cab driver on call tried to mess up this logic . The way he handled it and with what patience gave us a revelation that if we are a bit more patient many of our problems won't remain as problems anymore.

Will you ever messup a chance to click this couple , in a destination wedding , with destination GOA ?? No way. Me and Dhanish arrived a day early to capture the outdoor shoot, Vivek and Arjun Joined next day.

The resort was "prainah by the sea: and the view they had was amazing. The "Singam" point was right next to it and we did a small shoot on first day morning.

All the guests arrived and it was a festival mood in the resort. More like a non stop party ;)

After sunset, they had a quick engagement ceremony followed by Mehendi

Some after effects of the Two Mann workshop last year

Poor Chirag , he got ready in like 10 mins and all he could do was.... wait

The ring ceremony and mehendi followed

Next day started late than planned for obvious reasons ( this is what happens when you have the bar open all night ) .

Haldi was full on fun and everyone from all generations took part with same enthusiasm

It was time for the main event and we wanted to get some formal portraits

Chirag is too camera shy . But he was all game to get some shots done.

Anisha looked super gorgeous in her bridal avatar

This is a very simple moment design , but happy to see the genuine emotions here

the stage was being set and pundit was asked to rush so that formalities get over on time for a sunset wedding.

Just love the way this family made their entry

It was time for the baraat and we managed to get a scooter instead of the horse ;)

Anisha was breathtaking in every aspect

below is one of my favorite images, setting sun and the bride

Chirag being the true gentleman, he helped Anisha and the super heavy lehenga get on stage

Varanmala followed and Anisha had her share of fun

We had a backlit sun which added a lot to the drama. Loved the results

Congratulations Anisha nd Chirag :)

It was time for Vidai, though she was going just to the adjacent room , Anisha's parents really felt the emotions at that moment.

old hamara Bajaj ad anyone? :) (for 90's desi kids only )

Arjun had a quick idea of this shot , well done mate

Next day was the reception and why is that only girls had all the fun?

" I was on call for a minute and this happened??" ;)

Isn't she looking gorgeous!!

A small glimpse at the future ;)

It was non-stop party then

We got some official portraits done

We stayed back for a. day to capture the Holi festival celebrations.

Keep your life colorful and vibrant like this Anisha and Chirag. We had a great time capturing this super fun affair. You guys have an equally amazing set of family and friends. Stay Amazing!

Venue : Prainha resort by the Sea ; Dona Paula

Decor & Events : Fergie Pinto

Makeup :

Wedding Lehenga : Sangeeta Swati

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